Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sketchcrawl 3

An unbelievable day today in San Francisco. The rain has finally stopped and it turned out to be in the mid-80's. Perfect weather for the 3rd world-wide Sketchcrawl. The morning started at the Embarcadero Ferry Building. I gave our friend Jeff a call to find out if he had arrived, come to find out he was one of the first ones here and had started sketching around Gate B. Olivia and I never made it to Gate B...we were side tracked by a couple of salmon bagels inside the market.

Now that we got breakfast out of the way, how about some sketching? We proceeded to the front of the market and found a comfy place to start. The sidewalks were filled with people walking, biking, and roller-blading. Who could blame them? The afternoon was so nice, who wants to take a taxi or even a rickshaw?? So I couldn't resist sketching the persistant guy working the rickshaw.

By 11:30am we met as a group (a lot of familiar faces from the last Sketchcrawl) and signed Enrico's sketch book so he can keep a head count of our massive group. We went over the itenerary and proceeded to the Filbert stairway. It was a steep flight of stairs but well worth it. After I caught my breath, I could not believe the beautiful gardens, view of the Bay Bridge, and the numerous houses and apartments hiding behind all the trees and bushes. If you stay awhile, you just might catch a glimpse of the wild Parrots. I was beginning to think that the stairs were never I decided to park it at the top of the Filbert stairs and sketched the Coit Tower. Just an amazing view with different colored houses.

So what's next? More Coit Tower of course, where the Snack truck was the crowd favorite. The tourist loved buying ice-cream from it...while the sketchcrawlers loved sketching it. We re-grouped at 1:30pm and headed downwards towards "Little Italy" for a bite to eat. The Cigar Cafe had a line out the Olivia, Jeff, and I grabbed a slice of pizza and swapped stories of Star Wars: ROTS opening night. LOL. Jeff managed to put a small portfolio together and was kind enought to share. His pastel work is excellent.

We ended our crawl at the Marina, where we met a few more interesting characters while sketching the boats and docks. Let's just say one of them recently got out of the least he admired our sketches. We wrapped it up by 4:00pm and caught the bus back to the Embarcadero Ferry Building. I had so much fun roaming the city, but I ended up doing more talking than sketching.

We appoligize for leaving so early, but we scored some great seats for the Giants game at SBC Park. It was nice to see everyone again and to meet the new faces. See you guys at Sketchcrawl 4.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

North Beach

One week until Sketchcrawl, so Olivia & I decided to hang out in Washington Square to sketch. This place is a great spot. Totally diverse and there always something going on. This weekend had a couple friendly games of volleyball and people just enjoying the sun.

Out of nowhere, this guy sits right by us and starts playing his guitar...he had a "Neo-Soul" vibe. Live music playing in the background while sketching?? What a treat!

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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