Monday, July 24, 2006

"Festa Italiana Chalk Art" - San Mateo, Ca.

(left) Well that looks familiar? It's my chalk mural during my final year at the Art Institute of Seattle. (right) Here's the final product completed on Sunday.

Comparison: The Seattle mural was twice the size of the San Mateo mural, but I'm glad I was assigned a smaller square so I could concentrate on the details instead of the dimentions. I was also worried about the cracks in the asphalt, instead they added to the scales of the Koi. I love happy mistakes.

(below) I didn't have enough reference on the lilly-pad flowers, but I did enjoy adding them to this years mural.

(below) Olivia and I originally worked together on the the hi-lites, but the overall look was inconsistent. I thought Olivia had a real knack for hi-lites, so she offered to work on each lilly-pad while I finished up the ripples in the pond.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by to greet us throughout the day. We had a blast meeting you and answering your questions. Hope you enjoyed the parade and all the delicious foods & desserts... We did :)

Here's a photo from the first day results of the other sponsored artist.


Ben Reynolds said...

Cool stuff man...forget artwork on a van (i thought i was cool for a bit there) you have yours on asphalt!! You win. Looks great.

Emma said...

Wow, gorgeous. I like the new one better, definitely - the details on the fish and the lily pads are beautiful.

Goobeetsablog said...


glad you didn't melt in the heat

Anonymous said...

Gerald, very well done!!! A definite improvement from 2004. this looks like a helluva lot of fun!


Ray Villalba said...

Way to go, Gerald. I really dig how you posted your whole process. The new one looks really awesome. Looks more alive. Im inspired to try it now! Hard work always pays off and you see it in your work.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the compliments on my post =) I love your work, I absolutely love chalk work! The Koi is a great subject as well. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

An ACEO A Day said...

looks great!

Robin Hall said...

Those koi are unbelievable! I feel the heat just looking at the pictures, but what an experience all the same

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