Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jiggly Jello Time!!!

Many thanks!

So where'd the inspiration come from for this particular design? My mom, of course! She's a Jello Master and makes a yummy cathedral jello. Kinda like this one :)

 Photo belongs to Con nie Ven er acion
My mom would make this delicious dessert for special occasions: Easter, Christmas, potlucks, etc. But I'm sure if you ask nicely..... she can whip up one on the spot....Mmmmmm.

There's always room for Jello.... but not when it's a Jello Prank! Thought I'd take the popular office prank to a whole new level... a gaming level :D

After numerous sketches and planning a particular angle of the video game controller..... it's time to.... PIXELATE!

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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