Friday, January 04, 2013

Illustration Friday: Edge

(3" x 6" Post-it-Notes on Desk)

While I wait for illustration approvals.... I thought it'd be fun to participate in Illustration Friday!

I'm a huge action/adventure fan when it comes to movies and who could forget the countless dramatic cliffhanger scenes where the hero saves the day! So when I heard this week's topic "EDGE".... my eyes were immediately drawn to the edge of my desk..... reminding me of the edge of a building or cliff.

After sketching out a couple thumbnail ideas... I thought to myself... what type of Danger should I present to our main characters??? Trash Can? Lame!

Well, it's been SUPER COLD this winter and my space heater usually helps keep my limbs from freezing! So what if our characters fell to their death? Ultimate Death by Space Heater!!! 

Enjoy! Thanks & Have a great weekend

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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