Sunday, July 04, 2010

Riley Street - 20 minute portrait

(5" x 7" prisma colored pencils on canson paper)

This was done during the last 20 minute session for the evening. Not a lot of strong lighting contrast from the angle I was sitting... but I really enjoyed drawing his profile. Sketching on this canson paper felt great! I was trying to track down a sketch book filled with this paper but seems to be Sold Out or discontinued.... do let me know if you know a place! So for now I look forward to trying out some other earth-toned paper.

Big thanks to fellow artists Lenny Lee and Cameron Chun for the heads up on this life drawing session. It's conveniently close to home and a really great group of artists.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Riley Street - 20 minute poses

(4" x 6" prisma pencils on canson paper)

The nice thing about having a life drawing class at an art store.... you can purchase supplies on the spot! I was inspired by artist Cameron Chun and tried my hand at some dark gray canson paper with black prisma colored pencils and white for highlights. We had a great model that evening with cut muscle definition!

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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