Thursday, July 16, 2009

Zip Line

I'm still playing catch up with the blog and I'm mentally still on vacation. But here's a couple images from my trip to Costa Rica. This photo was taken during a canopy (zip line) tour starting at the foot of the mountain range where Arenal Volcano is located. With 12 platforms to zip down from, we were cruising over 150 feet of humid forest and spectacular views.
Being the first of the group to jump off platform # 1....I won't lie - I was terrified! The second I got onto platform # 2, all I heard was "Ready? (Click) Go!"

One of the longest zip lines measured 1200 ft. and lead you through a hole between these large branches filled with leaves.... no clear site when and where you will end?!

So after flying passed large tree trunks, screaming through large branches, we ended the afternoon (last platform) cruising over a beautiful river. But I couldn't end the trip without a quick thumbnail painting.

(gouache in sketchbook)


suzanne cabrera said...

You are sooooo my braver than me!!!! I could never do this, but love the painting that grew out of it!

lepetitdoodler said...

:-D omg omg omg... FUN!

Tammy said...

that sounds so fun!
my family wanted to go to costa rica.
mainly for the sea turtles?
i don't know if the sea turtle thing is true (my mom says so..) but i'm sure there will be other stuff to do there if there aren't any :P

nice painting!

polusladkaia said...

Wow, Gerald! Great adventure, thanks for letting us live it vicariously! I enjoy the illusion that you created your gouache painting while zipping! Rich, really captures the feeling of deep jungle!

craig said...

awesome. I did something similar and it was a BLAST.

yoon see said...

Look like and sound like you have so much fun.
Visually from the first shot and the sharing from your posting here!
I really love your painting here.
Green, so peaceful!
With s little shade of white, yellow....
Congrats! This piece definitely is my favoutite of yours.

I hope you can produce more green pieces.
I really love green.
I enjoy visiting your blog. I am so happy and hope that you are happy too:)

Josh Frost said...

That's tight dude!

Anonymous said...

lovely painting
I like the touches of yellow

Amy C said...

TOTALLY fun fun stuff and I love the sketch too

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