Sunday, July 19, 2009


Tonight was another session at Metamorphica. The evening started off with a lecture and demo by creature design artist Jason Felix. And tons of costumed poses by Bad Unkl Sista. No tables were set up this time so I couldn't set up my paints. So I grabbed a seat on a comfy couch in the back and dusted off my heavily neglected sketchbook.


yoon see said...

Thank you for dropping by Gerald.
Happy day to you and your family.
Pls. forgive me because I am quite busy lately.
Wow! I really love the mood that you had captured here.
These are really stunning to me.
I feel the comfort to follow your style and posting.
Keep it up!

yoon see said...

These funny costume made me smile:)
No actually laugh, especially the first one.
I wonder I can borrow one for a while just for photo session!
Naughty me!

Josh Frost said...

Not bad dude! I like the third image the best!

steve said...

Man, love this series of sketches!

Anonymous said...

sounds like an amazing class

Amy C said...

these are lovely pencil drawings

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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