Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My morning began by parking at the Canvas Gallery (our scheduled endpoint) at 9:30am and taking the bus up to the Dolores Cafe (our scheduled starting point). Just before our journey began I made sure to find Enrico and to purchase Dan Lee's art book, "In Your Face" I missed the gallery opening in his memory, so it was the least I could do to show some support for one of Pixar's great artist. This is such a great book of caricatures. If you haven't picked it up yet, it's also available online.

Our crawling began at 11:00am when a handful of us trickled into the Dolores Park. it took awhile to warm up, but I was able to find a comfy spot on the stairs to sketch buildings across the way.

Found a grassy area to sketch the park statue of "Miguel Hidalgo - Liberator of Mexico" (1810).

Next was Church and Market for some food. Since I skipped breakfast, I ended up ordering an omlett for lunch. They really piled the food on high! While wrapping it up, I was able to see Yoskay's portfolio featuring his traditional work (done on cardboard and plywood) and his digital paintings (done in Illustrator). His work is so amazing and should definitely get more exposure in some local galleries.

Next on our list was to catch the N-Juda up to Haight St. and later meet up at Haight Park. Did a couple sketches here, but really spent more time looking over Ronnie's shoulder as he threw down some colors onto his 3 quick sketches of random groups of people.

Onto the Japanese Tea Garden...where Saturdays from 5-6pm, admission is FREE...What a bonus! I roamed around and took quite a few photos, but finally found a nice quiet spot with a great view of a "Shinto Guardian Gate".

45 minutes later, I made my way to the Cavas Gallery where the cafe reserved a spot for the Sketchcrawl event...a table for 25. Although the tables were full by the time I arrived, I had a chance to see the wonderful works of Dan Lee and the works of other Pixar artist. I had a great conversation with Charles. We swapped so many stories, we talked about anything and everything related to art. He was kind enough to share the photos he took earlier that day. I must have taken the wrong streets because I didn't see any of those buildings...I will definitely link his photos once he post them.

Once again, Sketchcrawl 4 had a record breaking attendance of 60. What a great turn out. Met some great people...I had a chance to see returning sketchcrawlers Noah, Kevin, Charles and Jeff. While meeting new crawlers Yoskay, Eric & Alex. These guys were great to talk to and have tremendous talent. I look forward to seeing them for Sketchcrawl 5.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Technical Difficulties - Not too happy that the internet was down for two days. We spent a good hour trouble shooting over the phone with a technician and kept running into a brick wall. While on hold, I drew a 15 minute sketch of Olivia at work. Not to worry...she was definitely smiling once her Mac was up and running again.

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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