Saturday, August 09, 2008

I had an opportunity to sell an illustration back in May and I wanted to share a few details in the process. I did a ton of thumbnails and kept hitting a wall when it came to adding brush pens. Here's a simplified Seattle Space Needle that didn't make the cut.

Next, is one of the many failed attempts at the Coit Tower. I made so many version of this famous San Francisco landmark that I ran out of ink in both my brush pens with just 24 hours left from my deadline. I stepped away from the drawing board and took another stab at it the next day.

After a trip to the art store for ink refills and two Red Bulls later, I decided to create a night scene instead. So this is the illustration that I was able to sell (wiping sweat from forehead).
It was truly a great exprerience and I look forward to sharing more stories of current/future commissions.


nate said...

I really like the angle on the Speace Needle drawing. Did you draw on site or from a reference? I'm actually going to be up in Washington this week so if I make it to Seattle I'll attempt a Space Needle sketch of my own.

I'm digging the texture on Coit tower drawings. Dry brush? It lends a visceral quality to the images. Nice work.

Waterman Pens said...

I really love your work i think you are incredibly talented!
The Seattle space needle is amazing!
My favorite is the Coit tower after you drew in the sky.
Absolutely stunning. Were you on site to do this? off the top of your head? or from a picture?

Keep on doing this its amazing!

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