Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Upcoming Project - The DEEP and INSECTAE

These are the most impressive sketch card stock I've ever seen! Not only is the card stock thick but the letter press with metallic printing is amazing!

The 2 sets I'll be working on are Insects.... and creatures of the Deep! Can't wait to work on these :)

Monday, September 09, 2013

Bacon and Butter and Sketching!

My wife and I took a trip out to Sacramento and spent some time with one of our best friends Ari Ramirez :D We brunched it up at a place called "Bacon and Butter".

(Left) I ordered Biscuits w/ Gravy topped with Sage (Right) Olivia ordered the Grilled Cheese Bacon Benedict w/ seasonal fruit!!!
If you love bacon... butter... breakfast.... brunch.... then this is a spot you gotta try! I thought it was nifty how they give your bill wedged between pages of an old book! When I flipped through the pages I noticed all the short notes and doodles! I couldn't help but scribble down a quick zombie sketch before leaving.... "Mmmm Bacon!"...maybe I subconsciously can't wait for the new season of Walking Dead? Haha. 

  (Doodle can be found on Page 28 of the book "A Gift of Prophecy")

Friday, September 06, 2013

Crane Creek (Sonoma County) Painting 2

(7" x 9" gouache on watercolor board)

After the first painting I hiked a little further in hopes to do one more painting. I found a nice shady area to set up and painted this one in 45 minutes. Trees are just so fun to paint! The layering can be tricky but each time I paint trees I discover new techniques :)

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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