Monday, September 09, 2013

Bacon and Butter and Sketching!

My wife and I took a trip out to Sacramento and spent some time with one of our best friends Ari Ramirez :D We brunched it up at a place called "Bacon and Butter".

(Left) I ordered Biscuits w/ Gravy topped with Sage (Right) Olivia ordered the Grilled Cheese Bacon Benedict w/ seasonal fruit!!!
If you love bacon... butter... breakfast.... brunch.... then this is a spot you gotta try! I thought it was nifty how they give your bill wedged between pages of an old book! When I flipped through the pages I noticed all the short notes and doodles! I couldn't help but scribble down a quick zombie sketch before leaving.... "Mmmm Bacon!"...maybe I subconsciously can't wait for the new season of Walking Dead? Haha. 

  (Doodle can be found on Page 28 of the book "A Gift of Prophecy")

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