Monday, June 29, 2009

Plein Air

Spent the day at China Camp Village and painted on the small dock down the hill from the main parking lot. It was great to meet so many other painters from both, the Benicia and North Bay Plein Air groups. We ended the evening with a bbq cookout and critiques.

I really enjoyed painting out into the water. The dock didn't shake, but the winds really picked up around 1pm...and my easel began to shake. When packing up, I really thought I'd drop a couple gouache tubes into the water...luckily I didn't.

Here's a closer look at the painting
(gouache on water board 9" x 12")

As for a personal critique: First, the chain linked fence was a challenge. It was the last part I I may have rushed it. I probably should have started with a lighter color instead of white? Second, the sky was bright & clear....I couldn't figure out how to make it more interesting?! But after I scanned the illustration, I tried adding a low opacity haze near the hills. That seemed to have done the trick.

Take a look below.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

weekend hike

Managed to do some hiking and sketching over the weekend. As much as I wanted to bring my gouache and brushes, I went with lighter supplies: 4" x 6" Fabriano Artist's Journal, watercolors, water brush pen, and white acrylic. One of the trails tapered off and lead me to a cove. I unpacked my gear and just soaked in the amazing views. During my first thumbnail sketches, I was visited by a friendly lady-bug. It just stayed at the bottom of the page while I finished up.
Here's a closer look at the first thumbnails.

Thanks to the lil' lady-bug that kept me company, but I decided to move to the opposite side of the cove and crank out 2 more thumbnails.

And here's the last one before hiking back to the car.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Colors in the Sky

Trying to capture the low lighting during a night flight to Houston, TX.
Click HERE to watch how this was painted(Nintendo DS using "Colors" app)

Thursday, June 04, 2009


I wanted to share an idea to promote your art at work. It's just a simple Post-it dispenser with a clear plastic cover. Once you print your latest or favorite illustration, use the free template included to cut out the necessary holes....Wah lah! These can be purchased at any of your favorite office supply stores. Details and measurements listed below.

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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