Sunday, May 26, 2013

Black Point Boat Launch - Novato, Ca.

(8" x 10" Watercolors on 140lb. waterboard)

Took a drive down Hwy 37 and set up at the Black Point boat launch. Followed a hidden trail that led to an old dock. While sketching my layout... my tripod cracked and my portable stool broke!!!

Luckily I also packed a beach chair.... and ended up painting on my lap. The winds picked up and my umbrella kept flying away... luckily I always tie down my umbrella just in case this happens :) 

Other than all the mishaps... I  had a great time here!

Black Point Boat Launch - progress shot

Taking a break from the studio and catching some sun.... and by sun I mean painting outdoors!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! Remember when I drew on the wall with crayons when I was 2 years old? Thanks for not freaking out... well, not freaking out too much, LOL! We had a wonderful time hanging out in Sausalito on "Your Day!" Enjoy your new painting and new San Francisco Starbucks mug... to add to your collection!

Sneak Peek - Bird's Nest Painting

So last summer my mom sent me weekly photos of her new found neighbors. And looking at the photos closely... there were strands of purple, yellow and beige all over the nest.

But when I visited in person.... and looked closely... I could see a lot of warm colors like reds and oranges! The eggs were bright blue and the nest had such a mixture of straw, branches, hair, etc.

Of all the photos my mom took...this was the one I referenced for the eggs. The photo looks very flat... So I had to really keep pushing the center of the nest downwards to help showcase the eggs. Like most paintings this caused a lot of going back and forth with the layers. But it turns out that the wispy brush stokes really created this movement... this energy... in the painting!

(Below) I also wanted to incorporate those green leaves that are blurred in the photo.... but I didn't  want it to take away from the main focus of the painting... So you'll see splashes of green at the top left and right of the painting.

I really didn't know if this would work? Or if it would ruin a good thing? But in the end... it was a really fun painting to work on!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Crepes Anyone?

Step 1: Once your batter is ready....

Just kidding! This is actually a surprise painting I'm prepping for my mom for Mother's Day :)

Story: Last summer my parents found a birds nest in their backyard. Later finding 4 tiny blue eggs inside. My mom was so excited when they hatched... but sad when the last baby bird flew away.

 Had some watercolor paint issues but I'll save that for another blog post :) 

In the meantime, Check Back for the final results! Cheers!

Friday, May 10, 2013

TENTACLES! Original Painting - Now Available

If you could not attend the opening night, no worries!

The original painting has been made available online through Ltd Art Gallery.

Just click the image above to see the details.


Wednesday, May 01, 2013

TENTACLES! Art Show, This Saturday May 4th, 7pm @ Ltd. Art Gallery (Seattle, Wa)

I am so excited and honored to participate in Saturday's Group Art Show! Many thanks to Bonnie Burton who will be guest curator! Additional thanks to James Monosmith, Ltd. Gallery owner!

 My painting is finished, framed and in transit!
Title: "Peering"
Size: 8"x8" Framed
Original Painting Available
for Purchase at Show

If you're in Seattle this Saturday check it out!

TENTACLES: Group Exhibition || Opening Reception: Saturday May 4, 2013, 7pm

307 E Pike St 
Seattle, Wa 98122

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