Monday, April 29, 2013

Progress Shots: TENTACLES! Group Art Show @ Ltd. Art Gallery, Seattle WA, This Saturday, May 4th, 7:00PM

Thought I'd share a few progress shots while creating my submission for the "TENTACLES" Art Show. Just the show title alone, gave me over a dozen ideas! Did I want to create something comic book related? Something Sci-Fi themed?

After multiple thumbnail ideas I decided on something that best fit the show. I spent a good 3 years attending the Art Institute of Seattle. During my stay I purchased a yearly pass to the Seattle Aquarium. I love aquariums in general and could spend hours staring at all the underwater life. As a matter of fact, I made it a habit to go to the Seattle Aquarium to practice sketching all types of fish, octopus, and sea otters. One day I lost track of time....the security guard did his final rounds and told me they've been closed for the past hour! I didn't even realize I was the only one left sitting there?! LOL.

So for the show I decided to created a miniature painting measuring 3.5" x 3.5" and limited my design within a boxy dimension.  As for the subject..... you guessed octopus!  

After inking, I started laying down the first layer of watercolors.

 Next I worked on filling in the octopus tones and textures.
At this point I'm using a mixture of watercolors, inks, 
markers and colored pencils.

 Adding the final touches.

 Not quite done.... Decided to incorporate a 3D effect!

 Here's the final painting before adding a frame.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Next post will feature the framed painting before I send it out :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

TENTACLES! Group Art Show @ Ltd. Art Gallery, Seattle WA, Saturday, May 4th, 7:00PM

I'll be part of a group show @ Ltd. Art Gallery, If you're in Seattle this Saturday check it out!

TENTACLES: Group Exhibition || Opening Reception: Saturday May 4, 2013, 7pm

Hope you can make it! 

307 E Pike St 
Seattle, Wa 98122

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Transformers - Sneak Peek

Thanks for all your patience! I finally have the green light to start sharing the cards I worked on for the New TRANSFORMERS set.

The official set will be available to purchase at the end of May 2013 (I'll provide details when the release date gets closer).

So here's a progress shot.... what my desk tends to look like when working on multiple cards.

More to come, Stay Tuned!

Thanks :)

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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