Friday, August 22, 2008

4 years in the making

Enrico has set a date for the 20th Sketchcrawl extraveganza. October 25th!!! Here's a link to the forum to find out if a sketch group will meet up in your neck of the woods. If not, start one in your own town/city. This will be a huge one! Feel free to contact me with any question about Sketchcrawl.


Tammy said...

Hi Gerald

Thanks for the comment! And don't be afraid of Asian brushes. Just think of them as a regular brush that tends to hold a lot more water :p

I've been reading about those sketchcrawls from Ronnie del Carmen and Enrico Casarosa's blogs. They sound like fun.

Le Tang said...

Man Sketchcrawls seem to come up so quickly.

Gerald said...

Tammy - thanks for the sumi brush tips.

Le Tang - Hahah. Good to hear from ya buddy. I know you have such a busy schedule, plus the art books on the side, but I hope you can still make it out Sketchcrawl #20!

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