Monday, January 02, 2006

Came across these while rumaging through some old sketch books. The top left and bottom right were done back in March 05' while watching the news. The top right and bottom left were from a memory sketch of a waiter at IHOP in downtown San Rafael, Ca.


carla said...

Great stuff! I love your Denny's napkin sketch...looks like one of those after concert chowdowns! Your people sketches are great too...lotsa persoanl flavor. It looks like the sun's trying to come out in your part of the country. We're in the process of being totally snowed in under what looks like a foot of heavy, wet snow...and it's still coming down! Very beautiful but very messy. Happy New Year!

St John Street said...

the variety is great. The favourite one though is the food spread out on the table excellent stuff!!

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