Sunday, February 18, 2007

"That sucks." We've all said this phrase before. Well, I'm currently working on a large canvas painting related to the stencil you see below. It's something that I've been itching to hang on my wall for quite some time.

Since it's not yet complete, I thought it'd be fun for visitors visiting my blog to fill in the blank.

______ Sucks.

Is it Mondays that suck? Does someone at work suck? Does final projects in school suck? Be creative or just vent.

I'll post the completed painting March 1st so you'll know what I think sucks!


Anonymous said...

many things and nothing

Gerald said...

Good answer!

Writer on Board said...

War Sucks!

Gerald said...

I have to agree with ya Aeroman101. Thanks for stopping by. Great post by the way...I can't believe Canada has no rats?!

Lucy said...

i hate laundry, to see the stencil is like a relief... there are more like me outhere!!! greate diagraming!

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