Monday, December 17, 2007

Bookstore doodles

Here's another doodle page during a visit to Border's Bookstore. I started with a few head sketches and just continued til' I found something I liked.

It started raining yesterday and parking has been horrible. The regular lot and valet spaces were filled. Customers were parking on the dirt areas and red zoned sidewalks. It was so bad I decided to risk parking in the back of the building. I just made sure I didn't block the loading dock for either of the stores.


steve said...

I love doing this kind of thing--just kind of placing heads and people wherever and creating a nice composition (whether intended or not) like this. Yeah, I thought about sketching in the public last week while shopping, but it was, like you described, just too crazy, at least for me, to concentrate and get in that "zone".

Mim said...

Love your work - thanks for the comment on my blog for the photograph of the snow!

Kei Acedera said...

Cool drawings! I like your lines..and yay you go to Borders--thanks for letting those kids know about us.. Merry Christmas Gerald!!

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