Friday, December 26, 2008

I've been TAGGED by 2 awesome artists:

Erwin Haya, aka "OneSickIndividual"
Debra Chow, aka "Flaring Nostrils"

1) Many have noticed I use watercolors a lot in my travel sketches and art work. I practically take my Winsor Newton watercolor travel set everywhere I go. However, I didn't always like this medium - I actually got a "D+" in my watercolor class in College!

2) I've already mentioned in previous posts that I'm a big Star Wars nerd, and as a kid I've always wanted to meet George Lucas. Of all places, I met him for the first time at a Borders Bookstore. I was super nervous and really didn't want to bother him (LIAR!!!), but he was kind enough to sign a Star Wars: Episode III (making of) book for me.

3) I owned two Takara's Kronoform robot watches when I was a kid. Why two? I broke my first one and requested another one for my birthday. Did anyone else own one of these? (sound of crickets). Click here for commercial.

4) I wish I was a good chef. I tend to overcook my meals. Probably the reason why I favor thin crust pizza.

5) I've never finished filling up a single sketchbook. I tend to hop around different sizes. But...I'm 14 pages away from filling up my Fabriano Classic Artist's Journal (3 years in the making).

6) One day I will own a Cintiq or a snazzy Axiotron Modbook.

7) I hate doing bills!

(Exhaling) That took some effort to write up 7 silly facts about myself?! Now for the best part....tagging 7-9 other creative individuals. Alrighty....Let's keep the mo-jo flowing into the new year....drum roll please.

1.) Shou "life/shou" (USA)
2.) Bogar Chancay "Obramia" (Ecuador)
3.) John Hoffman "MonkeyFeather" (USA)
4.) Christina Dee (Canada)
5.) Willie Barronet "Rrramone" (USA)
6.) Pete Scully (USA)
7.) Nathan Baird "Labsquad" (USA)
8.) John Deckert (USA)
9.) AG "Preaque Art" (Singapore)


Rrramone said...

Gerald, thanks for the tag. Already posted this a while back. Here it is:

Christina Dee said...

oh man, I am so bad at doing these tags lol..I never know what to say lol. Hard to believe you got a D+, maybe this means I'll get really good in the future for the subjects I'm not too strong at now ! :D

Great work as usual, I really like the pieces in you "Lunch Sketch Dump" post. They'd make awesome post cards!!

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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