Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Plein Air (part 1 of 4)

Last weekend, I met up with 2 other painters at St. Vincent's Church in Marin. I decided to try a medium I haven't touched since art school...gouache! Most of you probably recall the weather reaching the high 90's on Sunday. So finding a shaded area to set up was key. Here's the view behind the church and what seems to be the San Pablo Bay.
(gouache in sketchbook)


craig said...

great stuff Gerald. I'm really diggin the blocky nature of the landscape elements

Anonymous said...

a recent favorite
you should do more gouache!

the colors are really bright

enb said...

that came out really well.
truly an exceptional painting!
you should continue on with the gouache

Cameron Chun said...

Love the simplicity and how everything reads so well. Well done, can't wait to see more.

Art Fan Ako said...

Very serene... lovely!

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