Thursday, September 10, 2009

Presidio Door

The temperatures have dropped a bit, leaving San Francisco gloomy, windy and chilly.....which is quite normal Bay Area weather. When it's this brisk outside, it takes a little longer for my paper to dry. After laying down the first layer I immediately ran back to my car and defrosted my hands for a good 15 minutes. I wish I stayed another half hour to work out more details, but according to the increased winds... it was time to pack it up & retreat!
(gouache on watercolor board)

Here's a painting of one of the two doors to the Presidio Film Centre. Great cafe inside (only open M-F), large ballroom for weddings and events, and private screening room in the basement level.


robi pena said...

Dear friend :-)!! Excuse me for being so late in answering, we have just returned from our hollidays! Your works looks fantastic, so beautiful, lovely :-))))!! Congratulations and thank you for the nice comment ^__^ Cheers!!

Christina Dee said...

your paintings keep getting better and better! I really love the plants and the shadows they're casting on the wall :) Awesome work!

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