Friday, November 06, 2009

San Francisco Inner Sunset Neighborhood

(gouache on 2" x 3" watercolor paper)

"Staying local" This miniature painting of 7th and
Irving in San Francisco has found a new home in
Fairfield, Ca.


Suzanne McDermott said...

I love this! And I know exactly where it is! A friend of mine lived in a cable car apartment on the Great Hwy and I used to stay with her there when I was in the city. Good job. I really like the technique.

Amy C said...

this is beautiful and I love the electric wires delicately sweeping across

Maria said...

I love your tiny watercolors! They're so lively.
Best wishes

Gerald de Dios said...


Suzanne - Very cool you recognize the area. It's a great place that one can miss driving by, the key is to get out and walk and explore :)

Amy - lighting was tricky in the evening, but I like electrical wires too.

Maria - Hola, thanks for checking out the ol' blog. Take care!

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