Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Plein Air - Sacramento Art Walk

(7" x 10" gouache on watercolor board)

April 10th - Opening Reception during Sacramento's 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

4pm to 6pm - Preview Wine and Cheese Party!

Patris Studio Gallery at S12
1200 S. Street
Sacramento, Ca.

Gallery Dates: April 10 - May 31


steve said...

Congrats Gerald! Your work inspires me to go outside more. This is a real beauty - this painting.

Janice L-H said...

Wow, I missed a good show! I really like this one, Gerald.

Piya said...

Hey Gerald. Great work, as always! I wish I could've seen your show. I'm sure it went well.

robi pena said...

Hey Gerald :-)))!! Wow, spectacular illustration, realy beautiful and I see the weather is also beautiful :-))!! Steve has right when he says: your work inspires to go outside more :-)!! Greats!!

Anonymous said...


Wine AND Cheese?


Christina Dee said...

Beautiful! Love the vivid colors and the cobblestone road! :)

"TORI CAT" said...

What great work!!
Its so nice to see an artist working mainly with traditional material!! (Not all this digital stuff)
Raw art- Pure talent- awesome work!!
Keep up the lovely stuff.
I'll come by again soon!
Best wishes,

Gerald de Dios said...

Hi Tori - Thanks so much! There's nothing like analog mediums :)

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