Wednesday, October 27, 2010

new sketch card

My blog has gotten a slight face lift with a more recent template by the folks of Blogger. I'll continue to keep this mostly as a blog with my recent adventures in plein air painting, still life and any current illustrative/commercial projects..... with the permission of my art director of course :)

Updates - As for now, I'm gearing up for a new gig as a sketch card artist on a number of projects. If all things go well, this may carry over into next year. But for now, here's a little teaser on a new star wars sketch card I'm working on.

Bounty Hunter: Boba Fett
(2.5" x 3" watercolors, gouache and brush pens)


craig said...

cool. Diggin the new layout. Great to see the tabbed sections ( with some fine paintings!)

Anonymous said...

and where is Slave I?

excellent- good luck!

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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