Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Petaluma Marina, Ca

(9"x12" pastels on watercolor board)

This particular spot is just before going into the town of Petaluma. Very close to the local Marina and large dog park. Nice easy trail to hike with plenty of activity... fishing, biking, jogging.... oh, and painting! I anticipated walking 20-30 minutes in... but luckily found this tiny pond immediately. It was nice to try painting later in the day. Softer lighting and deeper shadows. As much as I prefer this lighting the drawback is losing the natural light much faster! I guess that means... paint faster?! LOL. I decided to bust out the ol' pastels this time around. I thought set-up/clean-up would be much faster vs. watercolors. But in the end... I think it takes the same amount of time. Rain in the forecast this week so back to sketch cards and commissions :)


yoon see said...

Sorry to drop by late Gerald.
Your paintings are forever the best!

Take care:)

PaulSketch said...

Mm, sitting by a lake making some art sounds great. Nice painting! I've never tried a pastel landscape

hmuxo said...

I missed this one, Gerald!!! Such a beautiful painting! I've never tried working my pastels on watercolor paper..thanks for the tip. Again, lovely piece!!!

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