Monday, November 12, 2012

Freestone Barn

(Freestone, CA)

Found a great old white barn to paint. The look of the abandoned barn melting into the ground really caught my attention! Here's my watercolor painting on a 12" x 16" watercolor block.

Wonderful small town with a popular bakery across the street! Parking lot is small but plenty of additional parking along the side of the roads. I met a handful of friendly visitors :D One local resident advised me to come back but try painting at other times of the day. I just may do that! The kids were great!!! They asked their mom if they paint with me? Hahaha.There's definitely more to explore along this small Sonoma County town.... I can't wait to take another drive here....maybe when the weather gets warmer.


en_b said...

Nice set up!
Man, it just got pretty much too cold to paint and draw outside today here in NYC- this is the time of year I start to miss the Bay Area.
Anyways- good to know youre out there painting- thanks for commenting on my blog!

Gerald de Dios said...

Thanks en_b! The West Coast willl be getting some rain soon. Gonna try and squeeze in one more painting this year! This time I gotta remember to bring layers! Maybe a thermos with soup or coffee :)

Julia Moraes said...

Great work!
Thanks for visiting my blog! :)
Best wishes,

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