Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More than Meets the Eye!

Here's one of the many projects that's been tying up my time.... but in a Good Way! Been working on illustrations for the Official TRANSFORMERS sketchcard set.

It was a blast to work on something that I grew up watching as a kid.... Wait, before I get ahead of myself..... gotta wait until I get the green light to share. So check back in early 2013..... unless, the Mayans are right (knocking on wood)!


anopensketchbook said...

Hahaha...talk about coming full circle! Wouldn't you child version of Gerald be so happy with the adult version's job?!?

Look forward to seeing this and more of your wonderful work in 2013!

Gerald de Dios said...

Thanks Suzanne! The adult Gerald is jumping for joy.... the child version has no clue what you're talking about? LOL!!! Thanks so much and Cheers to 2013 :D

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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