Friday, May 30, 2014

Plein Air Painting on a Farm (Tomales, Ca.)

"Over the Pond"
(7"x10" Watercolors)
Tomales, Ca.

Had a chance to visit a private farm that specializes in goat's milk and cheese. The owner was really nice and allowed for plein air painting on the property. 

After grabbing my gear, I hiked up and down the main trail and found a nice view above a pond that had a handful of goats grazing and sheep off into the distance.

Immediately after laying my first watercolor wash, a huge gust of WIND came in.... it felt like painting in front of a jet engine!

See video clip [HERE]

I'll admit I almost threw in the towel because my easel continuously was shaking and my paint palette flew away a couple times!

But glad I stuck it out and walked away with a fun painting :)

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