Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Plein Air - Nicasio, Ca (Progress Shot)

After a little rain from the previous night... the skies cleared right up and I headed to Nicasio, Ca. Such a pretty drive through Lucas Valley and Nicasio Valley... but due to a local Pumpkin Patch Event, I opted to take another route. 

Parking can be limited at times but don't worry... Folks are mostly stopping by to grab a bite to eat or just to snap some photos. I'd say cars are in and out within half an hour. It was quite busy during my visit... Lots of passerby's all day! Not just cars... but bicyclists and motorcycles as well.

One of the popular landmarks you immediately see is an old church (which is still in use). Although I've painted in Nicasio before... I did not paint this church. Instead I painted a wonderful view of huge ROCKS along a grassy green hillside. See previous post: [HERE]

So this time around I anticipated painting this church. I took a walk up and down the street to select a spot to set up... and just as I walk through the baseball field and back to my car... I see a great view just from across the street! It was a view that practically cropped itself... Now, the main challenge... can I successfully capture that same view and transfer it into my painting? (crossing fingers)

Here's a couple progress shots throughout the afternoon. Laid down a light pencil drawing... followed with a couple of watercolor washes.

Be sure to check back for the final painting!

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