Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Benicia, Ca. - Woke up Sunday morning to reserve a picnic area for the birthday of my girlfriend's 6 year old nephew. I think it was 7:30am when I taped up the "reservation" signs and the only other people in site were a couple of joggers. I did have my running shoes on...but it was either running laps for an hour or sketching.

By the looks of it, the good ol' sketchbook has once again triumphed over the jogging shoes. So why not warm up with a couple sketches of trees...there were plenty to choose from. Here's the warm up drawing experimenting with a new Pigma Brush Pen. Later dropped in a gray background in Photoshop.


AG said...

i wish i could draw trees. they're one of the hardest things to draw X(

great illustration! i like the form and strokes. :D

Gerald said...
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