Monday, October 10, 2005

Just a fantastic weekend...our company gave us some extra tickets to see Tiger Woods play at the AMEX world championship in Harding Park, San Francisco on Saturday. The only catch was to make it to the park by 7am, not to bring any backpacks, cameras, or cell phones - Darn! I was really looking forward to taking some photos or doing a couple sketches.

On our way to the 17th hole, the unthinkable happened...spectators suddenly screamed, "Watch Out!". Before I knew it, the crowd split like the "Red Sea", a golf ball was in the air and it had my name written all over it...I literally had to jump in the air and did the splits like some kung-fu flick. I have no idea who's ball that was, but it ended up 2 inches from a light post. Oh well...

I didn't realize how much walking was involved in golf, even as a spectator? So we watched a couple more holes and headed to Filmore for some tea. We heard the F-18's rumbling in the sky and remembered that it was Fleet Week. So we headed up to the park on Stiener to watch the "Blue Angel's" perform. Without an SLR camera, there was no choice but to keep my digi-cam in the bag and just enjoy the show. Check out this great header from Enrico.

We grabbed a small dinner at Japan Town and ended the night at the Canvas Gallery for some sketching. Just the way I wanted to the end the day.

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