Friday, December 02, 2005

I've told myself numerous times that I would love to sketch the St. Rafael church. It has such a great location with the hills decending into the background, just before you see Mt. Tamilpais.

Woke up Saturday morning and walked into downtown San Rafael, pulled out my travel stool, and warmed up with an ink sketch of just the tower. The pigeons really cooperated and didn't move so much....well, just until the church bell rang. They would fly away, circle the tower and go back to thier exact positions....wierd?

Finished off with a watercolor sketch just before lunch time.


Alina Chau said...

Lovely church sketchings! You should post more of these sketches! :)

Virginia Valle said...

Yep more please :) they are great!!

Gerald said...

Thank you alina and viginiajoe. I will be sure to add more :D

Dynamite Soul said...

I took a look at your work. I like the texture, use of light, and mediums. Really appreciating your offerings thus far.

AG said...

i love the ink one! XD somehow it just feels more.. ink-ish?

haha~ sorry, i'm not making any sense right now. XD

Gerald said...

Thanks dynamite soul and ag.
Hey ag - you're back! good to hear from you again.

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