Sunday, December 04, 2005

Mos Def

Taking a brief break from the architecture and environments, I pretty much drew a mess of heads/faces all weekend. Here's one sketch I continued to persue late Saturday night.

My close friend Ari, has been working on celebrity caricatures on the side for the last month or so. Working with other Sacramento artist, the aim is to get these printed and sold with all the proceeds to be donated to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief. One celebrity name that caught my attention was Mos Def. He's better known for his music and as the host of the Def Jam Poetry on HBO, but you've probably seen him on the big screen, on titles like "The Italian Job", "Monster's Ball" and "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". I sketched this based on Mos Def's previous albumn.


Alina Chau said...

Nice drawing!! :)

Giles said...

Gerlad, cool drawing ;)

Also, thanks ever so much for visitng my Blog and for your kind feedback.

Dynamite Soul said...

Talent! Dope drawing of The Mighty Mos Def. I knew exactly who it was without pause.

Pusha V said...

I am sorry that I missed your comment on my blog about the speakers. I think the speakers are standard designs on all pc now lol.

Nice Mos def drawing!
I gott get common's album

Gerald said...

Much thanks everyone.

pusha v - Yes, Common's latest albumn is good all the way thru.

Andrea said...

This is very well done! Bravo!

Bobby Chiu said...

Hey great stuff!

TR said...

WOW!!! very good! great caricature!!

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