Thursday, February 21, 2008


Lena said...

Greetings, Gerald!
Thanks for your comment!
At you skethces of high quality , a various line! They very much like me!
Good good bye!Lena.

G1toons said...

nice sketches, like the pup

steve said...

I really dig the style going on with both of these Gerald. Is the one on the left Kurt Kobain? Great stuff!

robi pena said...

Hey Gerald :-) very nice blog and your works ... uau!! You have very beautiful ilustrations and drawings!! I like your various line, and your illustrations for the MacWorld Expo 2008 are very imprssive!!

Greats and thank you :-)!!

Rrramone said...

Love these dudes!!

caleb miles said...

those sketches are so raw and gritty!

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