Friday, February 29, 2008

Sketch dump for the week. I missed using my brush pens so I thought I'd sketch a lil' puppy.

(left) Someone at Starbuck's reminded me a paper boy. (right) Quick sketch of my sneakers.


Lena said...

I congratulate you on the Valentines day!!

bog_art said...

Wow.. it is a really nice sketch.. is that puppy yours??..

Lena said...

Hi, Gerald!I very much like a sketch of a dog!
thanks for your comment: at us in Moscow it is offen posible to see, sell these gentle flovers..
Good bye!

steve said...

Love 'em all! The dog is tops though--gotta love those brushpens. Very nice Gerald. :)

shou' said...

Haha. Cute pup! I am digging your strokes for it. By the by what kind of brush pens are you using?

Cool sketch crawl pieces below! I especially enjoyed the view over the bridge with that water color feel.

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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