Monday, October 27, 2008

Sketchcrawl 20

Whoa! Another massive turn out of 60 + crawlers. This time I recruited Josh, a good friend from art school in Seattle, to join us. I wasn't too familiar with the Mission District Area and ended up parking at a (recommended garage) on 23rd and Potrero. Later realizing it was a 15 block hike to the starting point! My bad, Josh. LOL.

Fortunately, we arrived at the meeting point just in time. The group was still ordering coffee and chatting outside. I managed to meet up with Enrico to receive my "Venice Chronicles" book with a special watercolor plate inside! (that is definitely getting framed)
Some sketchers decided to crawl elsewhere, but a group of us decided to stay and and sketch outside of Que-tal Cafe.

Here's my first sketch of the day... just at the corner of 23rd and Guerrero. The person sketching in the front, with the "shell-toe" Adidas is the talented Pete Scully (from Davis).
Sitting at the corner block gave me the opportunity to meet Kenny. I can't believe he traveled from Concord? But glad he made it out for his first Sketchcrawl Session.

I was approached by several passer-by's inquiring why there were so many people sketching today? So I referred them to the forum for more info...hopefully we'll see some new faces at the next crawl?

Upon wrapping up, I ran into Nancy Lorenz and her friend Sybil. Nancy is the talented person that created caricature (felt material) characters at the end of Enrico's "Venice Chronicles". Check it out!

After packing up, Josh and I tried to meet up with another group...but ended up getting lost. We ran into Vern and Rick on Mission St. They traveled all the way from Walnut Creek (just like Kenny). Along the way we came across Jackie and her cool bike. We joined her for lunch at a delicious Taqueria' that she highly recommended. She was right....The burrito's were filling!

After lunch, Josh remembered spotting some lucha libre masks a block away. So we decided to tackle the challenge of drawing as many as we could.
Nachooooooooo Libre Mask!

We met another water color artist (Carol), chatted a bit, then packed up and headed for the end point at Muddy Water's Cafe. Once again, we caught up with Vern, Rick, Jackie and John and began exchanging sketchbooks. Before we knew it, Sketchcrawlers completely took over the cafe!

As always, great to meet everyone during the crawl. I'll either catch up with you again at Ape-Con or at Sketchcrawl #21. Thanks.


petescully said...

great stuff! I really like the masks. I never sketched them, but i took a photo. It was a really enjoyable sketchcrawl, so many sketchers dotted out and about, and it was such a nice day too.
(Glad i wore those adidas now!)

shou' said...

Nice! I'm a fan of your sketches :)

Sounds like you had a blast at the sketchcrawl.

Nancy said...

Hi Gerald!

I'm so glad I met you and Josh on Saturday! You are as nice and delightful in person as you are on the Sketchcrawl Forums, and I think you should be the official Sketchcrawl Ambassador! I wish I had one ounce of your drawing talent. I'm having so much fun looking at the crawl results and feeling guilty about not getting much done myself. Love the one that Jason did of you & Josh!

Maybe see you next time, and thanks for mentioning my felting!


Anonymous said...

cool masks
and drawing (of the masks)

Wynne Chen said...

Hi Gerald,
Nice sketches:) I had fun at Sketchcrawl Vancouver. This time we had about 15 people. getting bigger and bigger:)
I wish I coul go to Ape Com. have fun !

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