Sunday, February 08, 2009

Created during a late night dinner at an outside cafe in San Jose, Mexico. The winds started picking up so I had to eat & draw fast. (20 minute sketch).


Josh Frost said...

I like the feel of this one! It has a tropical yet cool feel to it!

- Josh

Tammy said...

very nifty little sketch :)
it looks like what you would see when you squint your eyes and all the lights become more exaggerated. the bush is my favorite part.

Gerald said...

Thanks Josh and Tammy.

It got chilly the last night I was out in Mexico so I used the hard-edge brush and tried to use the least amount of strokes. It's really challenging, but it's all part of the experience :)

shou' said...

Cool piece. What is that item hanging on that palm tree? And you should sketch your food too! ;)

Gerald said...

Hi Shou, that's a flood light lighting up the outdoor cafe. I did sketch a couple of my dishes in Mexico, I'll be sure to share soon. Thanks!

yoon see said...

Hi Gerald,
How are you lately?
Hope you are keeping well:)
Wow! Wow! Mexico....
How're things in Mexico?
More to discover right!

Lovely style and setting.
Just so relaxing!

Anonymous said...

I like the bits of orange

fumie said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog.
there's nice atmosphere in the paintings.
are they digital painting?

Bobby Chiu said...

nice DS sketches

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