Thursday, February 26, 2009

King Thoron

(Concept art created by Josh Frost)

Another quick collaboration...this time on "King Thoron - a dark king with a lust for power!!!" He is in a little story Josh has been working on for sometime.

I took the first concept and began painting the head and crown. Unfortunately, I misplaced my Wacom tablet and used the good ol'......mouse!

After finding my tablet, I continued painting in the robe and background colors. I didn't know much more on King Thoron's history, so I treated this more like a character concept page. It's a little dull, but it helped give some life to the design.


bog_art said...

Hey man!.. well, yes, I have been so busy getting ready for my trip!.. it is great you can colorize an old collaboration!.. I will wait for seeing it here!..

PS: Great Nintendo paintings!.. the first thing I will do after arriving to CA will be to get a Nintendo DS for sure!..

Alina Chau said...

Love the design, great expression. He has attitude!!

Tammy said...

very nice!
i like the different sketches of the character's faces :)
and with color it's even better!

Josh Frost said...

Yeah... The guy who designed the King must be one hell of a sexy beast! Haha j/k... It's always your colors that make the work shine dude!

Good job!

- Josh

suzanne cabrera said...

Yikes! He's dark. Wouldn't want to make him mad.

Le Tang said...

Great expression on the ol' king there. I didn't have a booth/table at Wondercon, but I did attend for a few hours. Always get sucked in by Stuart Ng...

lepetitdoodler said...

awesome work, gerald and josh!

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