Thursday, March 12, 2009

Okay, I said I would clean the dust off my sketchbook and instead, I lied and entered another NDS "Colors" Weekly Challenge.

Topic was FUTURE, so here's my tribute to the original Marty McFly film, "Back-To-The-Future". I love that Doc Brown line at the end, "Roads? Where we're going......we don't need roads". When I saw this in the theater, I looked at my dad and said "There's gonna be a part 2?!!!". LOL.


Anonymous said...


nice to see some colors on the
king, and the coins below are well

bog_art said...

Back to the future is one of my favorite movies ever! (the three of them).. I saw the new nintendo DSi movie click and I think I will prefer the normal nintendo DS lite (I heard I will have problems to get games back home if I buy the Nintendo DSi here).. anyway, I will check this out this weekend probably.. so maybe I will out some new Nintendo sketchs in my blog.. thanks for the advice!

suzanne cabrera said...

Fun...totally captures the thrill of the movie!

Josh Frost said...

Look at Gerald drawing the classic! AMAZING that's all I can say!

- Josh

Niall O loughlin said...

Great blog! how did you do your avatar??

shou' said...

Haha. Sweet. Something appears to be off. Where is the leaking garbage coming out from the back of the car? ;)

These sound like fun challenges. How long do you normally work on them?

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