Friday, March 06, 2009

Pocket full of change

I've been fully immersed in using the "Colors" application on my Nintendo DS and decided to enter a small illustration contest on the main site. The deadline was Feb. 27th, but the announcement for the winner has seemed to be forgotten. So I decided to go ahead and share my entry.

The theme was "99". New Zealand artists Greg Broadmore and Christian Pierce held an exhibition where each drew one item....99 times (only using the Colors app on the NDS)! Chris chose hot-rods and Greg chose a woman slipping on a banana peel. Here's a link to the method of their madness. They each released a book showcasing their "99 exhibit: Deadly Slips and Dodgy Sleds". Printing was limited quantity :(

I came up with 5 ideas and narrowed it down to a simplistic subject that everyone could relate to.....loose change. Everyone has loose change in their pockets, purse, backpack....and even between the pillows of your couch. LOL.

I made sure that the change I drew equaled out to 99 cents and I've gone as far to add 1994 and 1996 to a couple coins to keep with the theme. Okay, that was a bit corny :D

Winner will be chosen by Greg and Chis.....So what does the winner get? Actually there will be 2 winners awarded (1 book each). Overall, it was a fun contest and I met a couple artist along the way. As for now, I'll give my DS a break and start giving my sketchbook some TLC again. Have a good weekend!!!


Josh Frost said...

your gonna give your sketchbook some T boz, Left Eye, and Chilli???

Haha I'm just messing with ya!

- Josh

lepetitdoodler said...

TLC!!! omg, i'm going to go dig up my waterfalls album right now...

i still can't believe you draw (so brilliantly) on a nintendo ds. i've played with one, once... and all i did when i had it in my hand was pet a nintendog...

Josh Frost said...

Debra Debra Debra.... Gerald and Brilliant should never go together! Haha Thats funny!

- Josh

Gerald said...

You 2 are the biggest goof-balls I know...I miss hanging out with you both. Thanks for the funny comments. I enjoyed your latest post on each of your blogs!

Josh Frost said...

But you liked my post better then Debras right???

Andy McNally said...

I may have to borrow my daughter's DS and give this I try. This is wonderful art. Good luck in the contest.

MARgie said...

i had no idea you could do this with with a DS!

That's pretty freakin' cool

Your DS illustration looks great! And i also wish you good luck with the contest :)

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