Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Inverness, Ca

(4" x 5" gouache on watercolor board)

Driving down Sir Francis Drake Blvd, one can really miss this view. It's located just behind the General Store! Be sure to make a pit-stop and order a dozen BBQ'd oysters.....really good!


Tammy said...

ooo... this one is really nice!
i like the mood of this one


Sweet little study Gerald! And the bbq oysters sound delicious too! Hi!

Christina Dee said...

Beautiful work! love the purple tint to the water :D

Amy C said...

gorgeous, love the pinky purply color on the water.

Anonymous said...


incredibly delicate handling

gary amaro said...

Nice one!

bog_art said...

Wow man!.. I am seriously thinking about to come back to the watercolor some time.. your work is really really good!..

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