Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No Sketching Allowed

Had a blast of inspiration while visiting the deYoung Museum Exhibit "Birth of Impressionism". Started off with free pastries and coffee hosted by La Boulange Bakery. Now time for some sketching ....wait......there's a sign that says....."no sketching allowed" !!!

I've encountered this rule at last year's King Tut Exhibit. A security guard stopped me as I just started. It was at the end of the exhibit that I find out I should have been allowed to sketch. Has anyone heard of this rule at other museums?

Well, it's still worth the visit to see these paintings up close. Masterful lighting and brush techniques.


steve said...

Honestly, I have not, and it's absolutely absurd!

Anonymous said...

the museum is free to set their own rules; it's just weird though

was it elbow-to-elbow?
or was there room to stand and

Janice L-H said...

It might have something to do with crowd control (and moving people through the exhibits in a timely manner). I do know of museums that only allow pencils (no pens).

Any viewing tips for those of us who have yet to see this exhibit?

Gerald de Dios said...

Steve - I've only encountered this rule twice, so this is new to me.

Brian - You're right! And Janice also confirmed "Sketching in Special Exhibits are by Permission ONLY". This exhibit had plenty of room to sketch....standing or sitting on bench.

Janice - Thanks, When I saw the Titanic Exhibit...pens were only allowed, which is always fun to sketch with :)

Tips: I'd have to recommend the audio tour ($7) because they add more info/stories to the notes posted on the wall. As usual, just pace yourself and maybe take a break or two on the benches. Otherwise I think you'll enjoy it!

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