Sunday, August 26, 2012

Plein Air Painting - Miwok Trail, Mill Valley CA

I hiked about an hour up & down the Miwok Trail before finding a good spot to set-up and paint.

(16" x 12" watercolors on waterboard)

It was a nice, clear, warm day... with a slight breeze towards the late afternoon. I was greeted by other hikers, joggers, mountain bikers... and even a horse stopped by to see what I was doing! LOL. If you've never been to this part of Mill Valley, Ca... there are numerous trails to choose from but this particular one is shared for horse back riding.

Setting up was a little tricky.... with horse land-mines... if you catch my drift... So I made sure to stay off to the side of the trail. Too bad I chose an inclined composition! But I really liked the depth of field I got from the large boulder sticking out the hills and large trees hiding the sky.

By the evening... the wind really picked up!!!  I had to hold my Guerrilla Pochade Box steady so my waterboard wouldn't fall....Too Late! It flew forward and onto a brush filled with green! Lucky for me.... it fell onto the area I was painting the trees.... "Happy Mistake".

So that was my recent plein air adventrure....A great spot to visit and I look forward to visiting again :D


Tammy said...

well done!
i like the composition.
it could be a story about the 2 rocks in the middle :)

and i also like your cup-o-bane

en_b said...

awesome little set up!

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