Friday, August 17, 2012

The Circle is Now Complete! Star Wars Celebration!

That's Right..... The Circle is now Complete!

Here are the 8 completed cards I worked on for the Star Wars 501st Legion :D

So how can you get your hands on one of my cards?

First, you've already purchased tickets to attend Star Wars Celebration VI on August 23 - 26 (Orlando, FL)

Second, you've already purchased tickets to attend the 501st Bash "Party at the Palace", Friday - August 24th. SOLD OUT!

Last Chance, if you didn't get tickets for the 501st Bash Tickets..... some cards might be handed out during the 501st costuming panels.....

.....So follow the 501st Legion closely on Twitter and Facebook for hints on where to get the cards!

Row #1: Sandtrooper, Scout Trooper

Row #2: StormTrooper #1, Storm Trooper #2

Row #3: ARF Trooper, Snow Trooper

Row #4: Shock Trooper, Darth Sidious

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