Monday, August 04, 2014

The town of Bodega

Decided to go on a day trip to the town of Bodega with my wife. We left early in the morning with intentions to sketch and plein air paint at Bodega Head. Just like most road trips... taking a break is in order. But in our case... a sign caught our eye when reaching Bodega. A bright neon sign that read "Big Book Sale Today". Luckily we didn't have to drive far at all... it was easy to find.

There's never a guaranteed to find a gem at each book sale. But one person's trash will eventually become another person's treasure. In our case we each found a couple items that we just had to purchase! 

As my wife quickly found 2 intriguing books, I ventured off to the Arts and Media tables. I don't collect much VHS tapes (wait, what's that?) but a particular box caught my eye... Flipped it around and immediately noticed the sticker price.... only a dollar? Hold on, Are they just selling an empty box?

I guess luck was on my side because the extra collectible contents were included! I have to say the best part of this find was the "Art of Episode I" which is filled with Concept Art from some of my favorite artists!

Full Details: 
1 - VHS Widescreen edition w/ behind-the-scenes documentary.
1 - 35 mm Film Strip consisting of 5 consecutive frames from actual theatrical print.
1 - Collector's book (48 pgs) excerpted from "The Art of Episode I", filled with conceptual paintings, storyboard drawings, and developmental artwork exploring the creative impulse behind the film's astonishing designs!

I later walked over to the Fine Arts table and found several art book based on Impressionist Painters! Most were huge coffee table sized books but I wanted something that I could easily read before going to bed or maybe for a weekend getaway. And that's when I found this...

Although it was published in 1999..... I got it for 2 dollars! It's packed with painters and paintings I absolutely admire! With images of Manet's Olympia and Renoir's The Path in the Grass! It's a 2 part book. The first half discusses the Impressionist movement and the second half gets more personal about each individual artist life and works.

Both great finds! One to enjoy during my stay in Bodega and the other one to enjoy at home while watching Star Wars in the background.

Next post I'll share my paintout at Bodega Head. Stay Tuned!

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