Friday, September 12, 2014

Plein Air Progress shots at Sunny Spring Lake

Have you ever driven through a town and wondered, 
"What if I just drove down a little further?"

That's how if felt when I visited Spring Lake Regional Park located in Santa Rosa, Ca! Located just 15 minutes from the main freeway. Really easy to find, no curvy roads, just a straight shot to the park entrance.

Although it was a  Summer Weekend I had to wait in line (about 4 cars in front of me) to pay the park entrance fee. There are several parking lots to choose but finding an open spot can get tricky due to the popularity of the park.

I walked around the entire Lake to scope out an area to set up. Saw some great views by the Lagoon area,
but lots of foot traffic and all the shaded areas were occupied by picnickers. On the opposite side of the Lake I found a cool swamp like area with algae resting on the top surface, but I could immediately hear the swarms of mosquitos planning their attach on an innocent plein air painter, LOL!

So I ended up setting up where my hike began... just 20 feet from my parked car, haha! So I walked along the shore, where visitors can rent paddle boats. Found some good shady coverage and set up my gear. Had a great view of the Lake, trees, paddle boats and a couple of hills off in the distance.

Stay tuned for my next post featuring the final painting!


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