Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sketchcrawl 19.5

I took my pal Zach to experience his first Sketchcrawl in Emeryville, Ca. We stopped by the food court for some dinner and sketching. I had an old half empty sketchbook that Zach put to good use. He couldn't stop talking about all these cartoon ideas in his head, so I showed him how to thumbnail his ideas....and he ended up creating a rather entertaining comic strip of a green ninja vs. an orange ninja. I wonder if his inspiration had anything to do with my vest color and his hoodie?
After a large bowl of Pho, I warmed up with a couple sharpie sketches of 2 people eating at nearby tables. They didn't look too thrilled with what they ordered for dinner?
I ended the evening with a quick sketch of the food court.


Christina Dee said...

thanks for visiting my blog!
I really like these sharpie sketches, the last one especially!

E.A. said...

Thanks for recently commenting on my blog, Gerald (About Batman: The Brave and the Bold).

Below is my posted reply to your comment:

I saw your comment two weeks late, Gerald. Thanks--I like (if you couldn't tell, already) to write about animation on a semi-regular basis, whenever time permits.

Nothing but the Paul Dini--Bruce Timm produced animated series will work for me. Not this "comedy-oriented" one. Be sure to watch for a thorough assessment of this one after the pilot premiere.

Max said...

Is is that COLD already you are bundled up? So you had some PHO soup? Yummy!

suzanne cabrera said...

Love this post. What a cute sketching buddy you have there!

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