Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sausalito - part 1

Here's a couple lunch break sketches in Sausalito.


Tammy said...

I really enjoy your sketchcrawl collection. I hope that one day... I too can join one.
I guess next time you want to go to the academy of science, you might have to camp out overnight. Kind of scary because it's like Black Friday. Really intense.
Maybe zoos should do something like Bodyworlds. An artists day so we don't have to crawl over seas of children just to draw a zebra.

Emma said...

I like the way you divide up your pages... and that steamroller panel really jumps out at me.

Looking forward to the crawl on the 25!

Gerald said...

Tammy - no need to wait, join the LA group on 10/25! Details: http://sketchcrawl.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=3182

Emma - So good to hear from ya! I really wanted that steam roller to pop without using any solid blacks. I guess I sorta did a forced perspective. Thanks for noticing. I'll be sure post my next page of finidings. See ya at the Crawl.

Kenny said...

I really like your lines in these! The sketches have a really loose and expressive feel! I'm envious, haha

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