Monday, November 03, 2008

The Dragon

Awhile back, I visited my parents in Seattle. We did a lot of walking, hiking and....eating......oh yeah and sketching. Notice the person wearing shorts and hoodie. It's Seattle! What was I thinking?
This sketch was done at the cemetary where the legendary Bruce Lee and his son, Brandon, were buried. It was somewhat exciting, yet a bit sad being there. But I was glad I took the time to pay my respects.


Alina Chau said...

SO many wonderful new sketches!!

Le Tang said...

Nice stuff... Star Wars?! Never heard of it.

Mel said...

Very impressive; 2nd photo was hard to do? Adjoining page?

Josh said...

Boba Fett is awesome! Collab was hella fun. The Darth Vader start to finish was awesome!I keep the image next to the other one you gave me! AMAZING!!!

Christina Dee said...

great work!
nice Star Wars pics too :)

Anonymous said...

in many ways~

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