Saturday, November 01, 2008

Star Wars sketch dump

Continuing on our trip around San Francisco, and I as the tour guide, Josh and I hung out at ILM (Industrial Light & Magic). After geeking out, we sat down to do some sketching. Josh was sketching a Wookie head shot, while I sketched the life-size Boba Fett on display

Inspired by our ILM visit, we decided to collaborate on an ARC trooper (Advance Recon Clone Trooper). Josh laid down a blue pencil sketch, I added a couple layers of watercolor for color & texture, Josh inked it, then I tweaked the whole thing in Photoshop. All that for one sketch? LOL. The process went rather quickly...less than an hour.

Josh has been requesting a Darth Vader sketch illustration ever since he saw my digital sketch back in May, so to his surprise he got his wish in exchange for his efforts in flying down to Cali to hang out with me and Olivia.

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petescully said...

YEAH! Love it. I'm a total Fett/Vader geek.

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